3 Best Magnetic Knife Holders-Reviews

Magnetic Knife holders are awesome tools that help to keep your Kitchen Clean. They are so great that they supersede the normal knife rack that we know. The truth is that they are unparalleled to any of the normal racks or hooks we use. The most advantage they give is the ease of access they give to the knives. This make them so wonderful tool. One other benefit is the ease of installation. It is very easy to install as you see in this video.

Once start using one you never want to stop using it again and you might want to introduce you neighbors and friends to start using one. For those who are yet to start using the rack this post is for you as i critically analyse the top five magnetic knife holders. These review are based on user reviews and customer experiences

So let us begin

MIU France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar, 20-Inch

This is an awesome knife holder at the size of 20" it is very easy to install and highly magnetic. It is made of 18/10 stainless steel which makes it very durable. It is very attractive and about two inches thick it is very easy to install and comes with a screw for wall mounting. With the size it can holder at least eight knives. The magnet is very strong and will keep your knives well. Get one here.

Norpro 18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

Nopro Knife Holder

This exactly the knife holder you have been looking for. It is sturdy and 18 inches in lenght and as the name it is made of Aluminum, The price is reasonably fair looking at the functionality. This knife holder is very awesome some people have problem with the installation but this is not a problem if you read the installation instructions very well it is a bar you will never want to stop using you can get one here


NEW, 24 Inch Long Wall-Mount Magnetic Knife Holder, Wall-Mount Tool Holder, Magnetic Knife Strip, w/Six (6) Hanging Hooks

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This is a wonderful knife holder that is very unique and is something that you you'll like. It has two commercial strong magnetic strip that makes it very magnetic, it is made of hard plastic casing which makes the hanging weight lighter. It also comes with six hanging hooks should you need additional storage and comes with a mounting screw. The dimensions are Length - 24 Inches, Width - 1 5/8 Inches, Thickness - 7/8 Inches. Above all it is very easy to install. You'd be surprised that it has a wonderful gift wrap inside.

There you have them just go here for more reviews there are other ones you can get just move over to the site and see more just do well to buy the knife holder that suit your needs

Why you need a Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife holders are awesome watch this video from http://cookingsessions.com to get an understanding. You'll like the video i particularly like the

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Buying a Magnetic Knife Holder- What You Need To Know

Are you planning to buy a magnetic knife holder then you have to read this post before going ahead. For
those who do not know what it. This is a special kitchen utensil that is specially made to hold knives and other kitchen metal cutlery that are of lightweight in the kitchen. These holders are designed in such that you can easily place your knife and other kitchen materials and remove them when you need them without any hazzle of fixing it back into the rack as the rack is magnetic and so you can easily remove and place it back.

Advantages Of a Magnetic Knife Holder
One major advantage of a magnetic knife rack is that it make the kitchen look very beautiful. It also assists in making the kitchen look very tidy.  Another thing you find is that the magnetic knife holders are such that you can easily place the utensil on it without any fear of it falling away. They are usually easy to use. It is this ease of use that endears a lot of people to it you just place your knife on it and pam! it glues You also remove it with the same ease. One other advantage of this amazing tool is that it is very easy to install it does not take more than ten minutes when installing. One last thing is that they are very hygienic and keep the knife clean

Where To Buy a Magnetic Knife Holder and How Much Do I buy

you can get a magnetic knife holder in most local retails stores around you. You may also choose to buy it from an online retail store like amazon, ebay, homedepot and so many other. But be very sure to check the quality and user review you can go here to get more about knife holders,

The price of a magnetic knife holder have different prices and it ranges from $8 to $150depending on the quality and the type of knife holder. You can learn more form this post. 

 Type Of Knife Holder

To know about the different types of knife holder then visit this page  I gave a detailed explanation on the type of knife holders. You can get the review for the three best knife holders. You can also buy a good Holder here.


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Why you should Get a Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic knife rack are an excellent way to store your knives and other kitchen utensils. They are very
awesome and make your kitchen much more beautiful. I have attempted in this article to make you decide to start to use one today.

The very first thing about this knife is that they are very beautiful. If you have a flair for aesthetics then this magnetic knife holders are for you. They make your kitchen look very neat and tidy. They bring out the beauty of the kitchen. Using a magnetic knife holder is another way to display those beautiful knives you bought.

The racks are very easy to install. Mounting a magnetic knife rack is also very easy and will not take you more than thirty minutes. Most magnetic knife rack are very light and are also not to long depending on the type of rack you want to install. You can search the internet or go to Amazon to get the one of your choice. They help you accommodate different types of knife holders.

You can also choose you color or the type of rack you want check this post for more on the different types of knife holders to get an idea of the types of magnetic knife holders

Different types of Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife rack
There are different types of magnetic knife holder. These differ in shapes, sizes length and quality. The magnetic knife racks are so good that they help you avoid a lot of accidents in the family. These holders are so unique that once you start using them you don't want to stop again.

The magnetic knife is used to help hold the knife in a fashionable and beautiful way. This special utensils come in different sizes and different shapes like i said earlier. I will attempt to describe some of the different type of magnetic knife holders without particularly making mention of a model.

The very first type magnetic knife rack is the wooden magnetic knife rack this type of rack is usually made of wood. There are different types we have the Bamboo type. This is usually very good and very easy to install it has magnetic stripe in the middle. Then there is the point of installation by the side.

The next type of magnetic knife holder is the aluminum type. This type is also very good. It is usually very
beautiful some of the aluminum magnetic knife racks are usually have two racks where you can can place your knife and pick it at any time when you want to use it.

Another beautiful type is the stainless steel holder this type of knife holder is so good and it is durable. I use to say to some clients you want to buy a knife that will outlive you. (That's actually a joke I make with clients). The truth is that stainless steel racks lasts longer than the rest if you want an utensil that will last then get this one and you will be happy that you did.

Other types are the circular holder this are less common but they are actually most aesthetic. If you are the type of person that have a flair aesthetic then the best to go for is this type.

You can get more by going on amazon.

What You need to Know Before Buying A Magnetic Knife Holder

Cooking is something we do everyday there is seldom a house you get to that does not have a kitchen. The kitchen is where we cook our food. Many people spend much time and effort in the decoration of the kitchen. Some other don't think there is need to put much to making the kitchen beautiful. There is no harm in trying to make a place where cook look so beautiful and safe.

Among all the cooking kitchen cutlery used in the kitchen, the knife is one of the most used. It is used for cutting spices and other ingredients used in cooking. One thing we should note about the knife is that if not properly kept can be a cause of preventable domestic accidents.

Unlike other cutlery used in the kitchen the knife cannot just be kept anyhow. It must be kept in a safe place so as to avoid being cut. The knives cannot just be kept in the drawer else you'll injure yourself . One effective way of preventing domestic accidents is to use a knife rack or holders as they are also called . There are traditional wooden blocks that allows the knife to be tilted into them so that they can be accessed at anytime they are needed. These are not usually safe and can bring bacteria.

 There are recent innovations that makes keeping knives easier, these are magnetic knife holders. . These are specially made holders that are place on the wall of the kitchen they are excellent ways of keeping our knife and other utensils used in the kitchen safe.

If you are looking for the best ways to keep your utensils Magnetic holders are just the way to go. Unlike the normal wooden type holder they are very hygienic. While it is easy for the wooden rack to soak up germs their magnetic counterpart are better.Secondly they keep knife out of the reach of children. They are also better than knife sleeves in the sense that you need different sleeve for different types and sizes of knife. They also free the cupboard space. Another reason why you need to go for these is that they bring out the beauty of your kitchen.

 A Magnetic knife holder is usually fastened to the wall of the kitchen allow ease of access to the knife. The name magnetic comes from the magnetic strip that holds the knife in place. The holders are made in such a way that it is not usually difficult to remove the knife when needed.

 These holders come in different shapes, sizes and types they have a plate across the magnetic strip so that your utensils are not in direct contact with the strip. Some others come with a nicely designed rib-like casing Which brings out the beauty.There is usually a screw at the back of of the holder that is used to place it on the wall. It can be positioned slightly above your cooking area which means you can switch between different knives when cooking. The magnetic knife holder allows for at least two rows of knives. The nearer rows are used for the knives while other utensils can be kept at the back.

There are different types of knife holder. There are the stainless steel holder, the wooden holder, aluminum holder. You can read more on the types in the articles listed above. They come in the different sizes and prizes. You can also read this post. Installing a magnetic holder and read my reviews on the different types of holders so you are well informed before buying a Magnetic knife holder.