3 Best Magnetic Knife Holders-Reviews

Magnetic Knife holders are awesome tools that help to keep your Kitchen Clean. They are so great that they supersede the normal knife rack that we know. The truth is that they are unparalleled to any of the normal racks or hooks we use. The most advantage they give is the ease of access they give to the knives. This make them so wonderful tool. One other benefit is the ease of installation. It is very easy to install as you see in this video.

Once start using one you never want to stop using it again and you might want to introduce you neighbors and friends to start using one. For those who are yet to start using the rack this post is for you as i critically analyse the top five magnetic knife holders. These review are based on user reviews and customer experiences

So let us begin

MIU France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar, 20-Inch

This is an awesome knife holder at the size of 20" it is very easy to install and highly magnetic. It is made of 18/10 stainless steel which makes it very durable. It is very attractive and about two inches thick it is very easy to install and comes with a screw for wall mounting. With the size it can holder at least eight knives. The magnet is very strong and will keep your knives well. Get one here.

Norpro 18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

Nopro Knife Holder

This exactly the knife holder you have been looking for. It is sturdy and 18 inches in lenght and as the name it is made of Aluminum, The price is reasonably fair looking at the functionality. This knife holder is very awesome some people have problem with the installation but this is not a problem if you read the installation instructions very well it is a bar you will never want to stop using you can get one here


NEW, 24 Inch Long Wall-Mount Magnetic Knife Holder, Wall-Mount Tool Holder, Magnetic Knife Strip, w/Six (6) Hanging Hooks

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This is a wonderful knife holder that is very unique and is something that you you'll like. It has two commercial strong magnetic strip that makes it very magnetic, it is made of hard plastic casing which makes the hanging weight lighter. It also comes with six hanging hooks should you need additional storage and comes with a mounting screw. The dimensions are Length - 24 Inches, Width - 1 5/8 Inches, Thickness - 7/8 Inches. Above all it is very easy to install. You'd be surprised that it has a wonderful gift wrap inside.

There you have them just go here for more reviews there are other ones you can get just move over to the site and see more just do well to buy the knife holder that suit your needs

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